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It was already very clear ...

What was the Maffei brothers' dream? To continue in the family tradition!

Trentinobus has always taken people comfortably across long and short distances, guaranteeing its customers the best prices, whether by hired coach or bus services.

Our company is a leading company in the field of transport and is able to offer excellent quality / prices for any type of journey.

How did we become successful in the transport business in Trentino?

Trentinobus began in 1985 in Molveno on the Altopiano della Paganella. In just a few years it became an important point of reference not only for tourists visiting Andalo, Molveno and Fai della Paganella but also for local people.

In 2001 Paolo Maffei, who was already working in his father's company, Maffei Vigilio Autonoleggi, acquired a part of the Trentinobus. Within 5 years he had taken Trentinobus over completely.

2005 was the beginning of a new era for Trentinobus. Ownership changed but the company retained its familiar face. It had a new mission: constant growth and continuous renewal. The new management diversified the business activity and modernized its fleet. This was achieved by buying different sized vehicles so as to be able to meet the needs of every customer segment, which led to expanding its customer portfolio, attracting new customers, opening up to foreign markets and securing a large and diversified user catchment area outside their local area.

In 2014, the Maffei Vigilio Autonoleggi, a traditional Trentino company founded in Stenico by Vigilio Maffei in 1960, merged with Trentinobus, extending its size considerably and began operating full-scale in offering a wide range of transport. The merger project of the two companies was strategic, allowing them to face the challenges of the globalized market. The merger of the two companies created a perfect combination of innovation, family tradition and experience.

Today, Trentinobus is part of the Consorzio Trentino Autonoleggatori (Trentino Vehicle Rental Consortium). In addition to its main activity which is providing transport for tourists, it also serves the Trentini basins of the Altopiano della Paganella, Val Giudicarie, Val del Chiese and Val Rendena through its public transport services, school runs and specialist transport for people with disabilities.

The brother and sister team, Paolo and Francesca Maffei, in keeping with the family tradition, passionately manage Trentinobus together. Under their stewardship, it has become a leading company in Trentino transport, committed to efficiency, innovation and quality of the service.

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The Maffei family, with 60 years of experience in this field, will be happy to provide you with advice on routes and travel times and give you all the details necessary for your coach or minibus trip. For further information you can contact our offices located in the heart of the Dolomites, in Andalo, Via del Moro 4, or contact us by phone or e-mail.

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