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Scheduled services and school runs

Trentinobus provides scheduled services and school transport services. Our vehicles, always regularly serviced, are equipped with the best technology that ensures safe and comfortable transport for passengers.

The Vigilio Maffei Autonoleggi (Car Rental) was the Maffei family's company which provided transport for people as far back as 1960. In the early 1960s, the Maffei Car Autonoleggi not only operated a taxi service, which was very much in vogue considering the shortage of cars and means of transport in general that connected the valleys to the capital, but also operated the first transport service for the miners who worked in the Val Algone quartz quarries.

Over time the Maffei Autonoleggi's scheduled and school-based services grew, and today the company has been incorporated into Trentinobus s.r.l, with these types of services being an important part of its business activity.

Our scheduled services in Trentino

Trentinobus' scheduled services operate in a strictly local context, serving the user basins of Val Giudicarie Esteriori, Val Rendena, Val di Chiese and the Altopiano Fai Andalo Molveno and are:

  • Route n° 201: Madonna di Campiglio/Tione
  • Route n° 208: Sclemo/Stenico/Ponte ArcheLinea
  • Route n° 208: Ponte Arche/Stenico/Sclemo
  • Route n° 208: Ponte Arche/Stenico/S. Lorenzo/Molveno
  • Route n° 208: Ponte Arche/Sclemo/San Lorenzo
  • Route n° 210: Ponte Arche/Cavrasto/Bivedo
  • Route n° 210: Bivedo/Ponte Arche
  • Route n° 211: Ponte Arche/Fiavè/Lundo/Comano
  • Route n° 215: Tione/Pieve di Bono/Storo/Baitoni
  • Route n° 215: Baitoni/Storo/Pieve di Bono/Tione
  • Route n° 216: Preore/Montagne/Binio
  • Route n° 216: Montagne (Binio)/Tione
  • Route n° 231: Tione/Pinzolo/M. di Campiglio/Campo Carlo Magno
  • Route n° 231: Pinzolo/Tione

Our school transport services:

Trentinobus today is fully dedicated to passenger transport, and in addition to coach hire that constitutes the core business of the company together with the scheduled services, it also operates school runs.

Numerous Trentini children use our Scuolabus (school bus) daily to get to school and to return home, in total safety and with a great degree of comfort.

Trentinobus operates the school transport services of the Val Giudicarie and carries out the Scuolabus transport service for the pupils of the following school establishments:

  • nursery and primary school in Stenico (TN)
  • nursery and secondary school in Ponte Arche (TN)
  • primary school and secondary school in Tione di Trento (TN)

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The Maffei family, with 60 years of experience in this field, will be happy to provide you with advice on routes and travel times and give you all the details necessary for your coach or minibus trip. For further information you can contact our offices located in the heart of the Dolomites, in Andalo, Via del Moro 4, or contact us by phone or e-mail.

Trentinobus s.r.l. 
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38010 Andalo (TN)
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